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Doing anything in the age of COVID-19 has its challenges, including having professional photographs taken of our family. Do we need a mask? How close can we stand to one another? How many people is too many? As Illinois moves from one phase to the next, the level of confusion increases just when we seem to have the hang of our new normal. Kidlist welcomes Julianne from Julianne Green Photography to give us some insight on how photographers are handling sessions during COVID-19 and questions you can ask to feel comfortable and prepared.

How Photographers are Protecting Clients

In my studio and for many other photographers, newborn and milestones have been the most greatly impacted by the stay-at-home order. Studios are just starting to reopen under the new safety recommendations and its important to discuss with your photographer what he or she is doing to protect their clients.

I have been booking one session in the studio every 48 hours, wear a mask for all in-studio sessions, and request that family members over the age of two also wear face coverings when not being photographed. All props and swaddles are properly sanitized between each session. If my clients have expressed some apprehension with in-studio sessions, we have worked together to design a session just for them to address their specific concerns. Communication is key!

Outdoor Family Sessions

Family sessions are very much the same as usual with the vast majority of them being done outdoors. Being outside offers the benefit of fresh air and distance when shooting. Location selection is largely the same, however some forest preserves, parks and parking lots are restricted or closed to photography. Your photographer should be aware and carry the proper permits.

What Questions to Ask

The most important bit of advice I can offer you is to talk with your photographer before booking and ask questions. I compiled a list of questions that will help you open up the lines of communication and ensure a smooth session that suits your needs.  

  • My baby was born during quarantine and I still want newborn pictures… what options do I have?
  • How old is too old for a newborn session? And what impact does my newborns age have on the session?
  • What session do you recommend given my specific situation and concerns?  (The photographer will tell you the best option, without your bias if you ask this open ended question) 
  • I am not comfortable coming into the studio for my session, what other options are you offering that will capture this special time while addressing my concerns?
  • What precautions are you taking to ensure the health of your customers and yourself?
  • What are you doing between sessions, in-studio, to prepare for the next client?
  • Do you wear a mask and/or gloves?
  • My child is scared of masks… what would you recommend?
  • Are you allowing siblings in the studio for newborn sessions?
  • Should we provide our own blanket for the outdoor session?
  • What if you feel ill or know someone who is exhibiting symptoms?
  • What if a member of my family is ill?
  • Are you insured?
  • I booked my session but we changed our mind and decided we aren’t comfortable with at this point, how is this handled?
  • What happens to my deposit if another stay at home order is issued?

This has been new territory for all of us, but we don’t want to miss out on capturing special moments! As an experienced photographer, I have made adjustments to ensure the safety and health of my clients and know that many others have too. We care about your family and are here to provide you with beautiful photographs that will last a lifetime. Feel free to call me at (312) 520-1815 with any questions or email

Julianne Green is a coaxer of smiles and laughs, a lover of personal interactions and proud of every laugh, kiss and tear that has gone into her galleries. Julianne’s sessions center on your family’s love, humor and tenderness. People often ask why she shoots couples/weddings, newborns and families vs. one focus area and the answer is simple…  Her hope is that your client-photographer relationship will span many chapters of your life. Julianne takes those moments, not just the pictures, but the emotions and the experience. She encapsulates it for you in a photograph – a tangible, cohesive collection of your story – that can be shared and experienced time and time again.

Julianne Green Photography
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1007 Curtiss St. Suite 7 | Downers Grove, IL
(312) 520-1815
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