iPad Trick for Traveling


Traveling for spring break? On the last plane ride we took an idea popped into my head to make it fun for the kids and pass the time! It’s not rocket science, but I haven’t seen anyone else do it so I thought I would share…

ipad traveling trick

It’s as simple as sandwiching the iPad cover between the seat in front and the tray. Just unclasp the tray in front of your children, place almost all of the cover against the seat and clasp the tray again. (You don’t want to secure it with two trays in case one of the people in front of you decides to recline the seat!) We also brought a splitter and headphones so both kids could watch the movie together. It works well with multiple kids too because you can put the iPad in the middle as if it’s built-in to the seat in front of them. Then they won’t fight about who gets to hold it or one of them not being able to see the screen!

Anyone want to guess what movie they were watching? And if you have a travel tip to share, comment below, post it to the Kidlist Facebook page or email your comments to annie@mykidlist.com!

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