How To Make Chores Fun With Young Children


I originally wrote part of this in 2012, when my kids were 2 and 5 years old, and I realized that we still do these! At first I thought they were too young to be involved in some chores like laundry, but there are ways to include your kids… not only to enable you to get stuff done, but it gives them purpose and a sense of responsibility around the house!

how to make chores fun with young kids

I tend to do laundry in big slugs. I always tell myself that I’m going to do one load a day so it doesn’t pile up, but that never really happens. It’s hard to find a time to fold the clothes! So periodically I get a bunch of laundry done and thought I could make it a game to get the kids involved. I split it into two different games…

The Sock Matching Game

I gathered up all the socks and dump them in a pile in the middle of the room (or on my bed) and have the kids match them up. Some days when they find a pair we hum a little victory song to celebrate! If I’m not in the mood to sing that day sometimes the kids make up their own tune. Sounds simple, but it is really fun and I got all those pesky socks matched up.

When my kids were younger I folded the other laundry before making the pile of socks because they required more attention. Now it has transitioned into a combination of helping me fold the clothes and picking out the socks. Honestly it works out much better for them to hunt for the socks in the pile and then match them while I am folding the rest. It’s a great time to talk about what is going on in their lives and have some fun while getting stuff done!

Clothes Delivery

Once all the laundry are folded and upstairs, I used to tell one of the kids to wait in their room while the other brought the pile of clothes in. I would give them little piles of clothes and they would say “Special Delivery! Please put these away.” or “Sock Delivery” or as my son liked to say “Speedy Delivery”. Then we switched rooms and roles. They used to think this game was hilarious for some reason! So I went with it… All of a sudden the clothes were put away and I didn’t have two kids nagging for me to play with them while I tried to finish the laundry!

Now they take their own piles of clothes into their rooms and put them away. Most of the time they prefer to take the clothes into their room as I’m folding them and still make a game out of it, like it’s a relay race. Hey, whatever gets it done, right?

In any case, the point is that making chores into a game can instill responsibility and involvement in the family and actually be really fun! We are known to blast the music and dance the whole time all of this is going on too. Ha!

Are there ways that you make chores fun in your house? I would love to hear what you do!

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  • We do the same – each kid has their own laundry day where they load of up the machine, pour in the soap and then help sort everything out at the end. My kids also wash their dishes. We fill up the sink with a bit of soap/bubbles and I got them a Scrub Daddy sponge which is shaped like a face (they like to put their fingers in the eyeballs). They do a really decent job of cleaning up and ask if there are more dishes that need to be cleaned. It’s great to have the extra help and good for them to have responsibilities!


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