We Need Your Input to Plan 2019 Content!

We are excited about Kidlist turning eight this January! Do you know what the best thing about working on Kidlist is? You! When you write us, like our posts, and share our content with friends and family it makes this all worth it. Thank you.

As we start the new year, your feedback is crucial and we would so appreciate your responses below. There is also an opportunity to share your thoughts about Kidlist. What do you like? How does the site help you? Do you have some constructive feedback? All comments are welcome.

Please note that the name/email field is not required, so you can remain anonymous if you would like.

Have praise about the site? That makes our day! Please include your name so I can share it with our team and maybe some local businesses.

Have a question you need answered? We may already have an article to answer your question that I can send you the link to, or we might be able to write an article to answer your question! Be sure to leave your email address so I can respond to you.

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About the Author

Annie Tandy
Annie loves making great memories with her kids and started Kidlist so she can help others do the same! Besides finding fun and exciting things to do, Annie, her husband, and their kids enjoy caring for their chickens and hanging out with them in the backyard. Click here to read about Annie's chickens and see pictures! She also finds joy in gardening, home improvement projects, knitting, soap making, and painting along with being active in her community, church, and as a board member of the Western Springs Business Association. Click here to follow Annie on Instagram.

9 Comments on "We Need Your Input to Plan 2019 Content!"

  1. Kidlist is a quick and easy way to find activities for your children for any occasion!

  2. Kidlist is a go to, simple way to find something fun to do.

  3. I love the activities suggestions and lists!

  4. Kidlist is a GREAT way to keep informed on what events are in the area for my family to enjoy together!! Thank you!!

  5. The weekend events!

  6. I always refer to kidlist; great resource.

  7. I recommend Kidlist to all of my friends! It’s a great resource and always covers everything!

  8. This list is great for parents that love to do a variety of things with their children. I refer to this list weekly to help plan the weekend and the summer. Thank you for the effort that you put into creating this list.

  9. Great resource for grandparents. Love Kidlist, always get great ideas for activities and new places to discover. Thank you.

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