Green Diaper Babies: Cloth Diaper Service, Chicago

Are you doing cloth diapers or are you thinking about it? I did cloth diapers with my second and loved it! Having soft cotton around my baby was a major plus, not sending all of those disposables to the dump made me feel good and the diaper service was the best part. I didn’t have to worry about cleaning the cloths and fresh diapers were delivered to my door! I wish I had known about diaper services with my first, so I’m happy to be able to tell you about Green Diaper Babies!

Green Diaper Babies

Green Diaper Babies is Chicagoland’s premier cloth diaper delivery service. They are a weekly delivery service, bringing clean diapers to the doorstep for both city and suburb families of Chicago. They do the dirty work for you! They are a friendly, family oriented business hoping to benefit the environment and each family they work with. Join them in their attempt to reduce waste, reuse, and improve the health of babies in Chicagoland.

Joining their cloth diaper service family is easy. All you have to do is contact them to let them know what package you are interested in and when you would like to start service. They are the only service in Chicagoland offering modern cloth diapers and are so excited about the package offerings they have. Once your baby arrives it is easy to do pick up and drop offs and you don’t have to worry about any of the dirty work. They offer free in-home consultations for each new customer as well as weekly pick up reminders.

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Here’s a review from one of their customers:

We’ve been using the service for three weeks now and it’s been smooth sailing! We use the prefolds and cloth wipes and I have to say, I almost find it easier than using disposables simply because you’re not taking the trash out everyday. (Not to mention not creating all that waste!) The cloth diapers are really easy to use and so far, not a rash or irritation in sight! I was worried about the smell initially since the pail isn’t one of those crazy diaper genie type contraptions but I’ve yet to really smell anything, even when we open the pail to deposit soiled diapers. (And trust me, it’s not because my baby’s diapers aren’t smelly!) Shannon is very easy to communicate with and that’s probably the biggest plus in my book. I’ve made several last minute changes and all I’ve had to do is shoot her an email. If only everything about taking care of an infant was this easy!     -Jen K.



Visit Green Diaper Babies online at and call them: (773)-DIAPERS




This post brought to you by Green Diaper Babies.

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