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air hogs roller copter

We met the friendly and fun people from Air Hogs at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair this past weekend and loved learning about all the new toys they have for the holiday season. One of our favorites was the Roller Copter and my son was eager to give it a try. It did not disappoint! If you have kids into remote control toys I would highly recommend this toy.

We have gone through various RC vehicles and many have broken or consumed so many batteries the very first day, but neither is the case with the Roller Copter. In fact, I waited until we played with it for several days before giving our review to fully test it out in many circumstances just to make sure!

Although it takes 6 AA batteries, they have lasted hours upon hours of constant play. We just changed the batteries and my son has seriously been playing with it non-stop for four days. When the Roller Copter is completely out of batteries it takes 20 minutes for it to charge. My son immediately made a comment about how nicely the plug from the remote fit into the copter. It was snug so it didn’t fall out, but also easy enough that it wasn’t frustrating. The perfect balance. The indicating lights are very clear so you know when it is charging and when it is ready. Also, when the plug is not being used for charging it fits in a holder under a lid on the remote. Our only criticism is that the lid does not stay closed all the way, maybe the tabs are not large enough for the lid to click into the slots? Minor inconvenience and doesn’t affect the enjoyment or functionality of the toy.

The cage around this helicopter is genius. We found it to be very durable, especially during the first few flights when my son was learning how to maneuver it and when friends came over and learned how to use it. Let’s just say it survived many, many crash tests! Also the design of the cage is unique and enables you to drive the copter across the floor like a car, climb the walls and even rides around on the ceiling! My son thought those features were the coolest! The Roller Copter flies smoothly and has a trim knob to adjust if it is favoring one side. We thought it worked wonderfully and has provided so much excitement and entertainment.

Want to see the Roller Copter in action? Here is my son flying it in our living room:

You can also see more videos…

Bottom line: Your kids are going to want to add the Roller Copter to their toy list! And it’s great design, features and durability make it a no-regrets purchase for parents. The suggested age is 8+, however my son is 7 and was able to master it. The Roller Copter retails around $45, but I have seen it anywhere from $40-$60. The price on Amazon has fluctuated over the past few days for some reason, but you should check the price to make sure. You can also buy it at Walmart, Target, Toys R Us and Kmart. If you click on the store name it will take you directly to the page for the Air Hogs Roller Copter. Enjoy!



This post brought to you by Air Hogs, but all opinions, photos and videos are mine.

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