Gifts for the Holidays: Hoot Owl Hoot

hoot owl hoot

We recently received Hoot Owl Hoot from Peaceable Kingdom and really enjoyed playing it so I wanted to share it with all of you!

Before I talk about this game, I want to mention that I have been buying Peaceable Kingdom games for a few years now. I’m a big fan because they make really great quality games! The game boards, pieces, cards, spinners and even the box is sturdy and has a soft feel, which makes it fun to set up and play. They make many cooperative games, meaning everyone playing is on the same team. You work together to either win or lose and the games are designed to not be able to win all the time, which is makes them challenging.

The goal of Hoot Owl Hoot is to move all of the owls to the next before the sun comes up. You have the option to use up to six owls, which allows you to choose the difficulty level. Each player takes a turn picking a card from the top of the pile. If it’s a sun, you advance the sun one square towards sunrise at the top of the game. If it’s a color card you move one of the owls to the next space with that color. There are several moves you can make to advance the owls and we had so much fun talking strategy together and deciding what the best move would be!

Hoot Owl Hoot quickly became one of our favorite games because it isn’t just about moving pieces on a board and seeing who won; the game sparks a lot of conversation, teaches decision making skills as well as strategy and you don’t always win which makes it more interesting. It is recommended for ages 4+.

Our other favorite Peaceable Kingdom games are Race To The Treasure, another strategy game for slightly older kids (ages 5+) and Count Your Chickens for younger children (ages 3+).


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Peaceable Kingdom board games, cooperative games, card games, stickers, cards and their newest product, Jean Tats, can be found at major toy stores as well as most neighborhood toy stores that I’ve seen.


Peaceable Kingdom sent us this game in exchange for our honest opinion. The option to buy now is an affiliate link, which means that you pay the same low price, but Kidlist receives a small percentage of the sale. Thanks for supporting the site!

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