Gifts for the Holidays: Buggaloop


buggaloop excitement

Buggaloop is our new favorite board game! Combining a board game with a Hexbug makes it so fun and exciting. And it’s a game that multiple age groups equally enjoy, which makes it a hit around here.

buggaloop game board


The object of the game is to move your three bugs across the game board to safety on the other side. A Hexbug hangs out below the platform and makes its way to the tunnel loop and onto the top. The Hexbug vibrates around the board, occasionally knocking off the bug pieces in its path, making it a game of chance as well as strategy.


buggaloop boxBuggaloop is a holiday exclusive game at Toys R Us. (It will be available in retail outlets beyond Toys R Us starting in January, as well as on the Ravensburger website.)

Right now it is on sale for $19.99 at Toys R Us.


bugs in the kitchenWe are also a fan of Bugs in the Kitchen, another board game that Ravensburger teamed up with Hexbug to create. So check that one out too! It is currently on sale on Amazon.



This post brought to you by Ravensburger.

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