Keep Your 2019 Exercise Goals! Tips + Southwest Suburban Gyms with Childcare

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to improve your fitness, or are you striving for a more manageable and sustainable way to exercise? For so many parents, we start off as well-intentioned and full of momentum. But as we all know, life gets in the way and priorities become intentions, and intentions become fleeting thoughts. It is hard work to make the time for both the self-care we need and the children we love. You are not alone and there are so many resources and places that are able to help you achieve your fitness goals. With that in mind, you will find a ton of resources below to help you get and stay motivated, including exercise ideas, tips, parent-child fitness classes, and gyms with childcare! This article is sponsored by the businesses with featured listings.

Tips to Reach Your 2019 Fitness Goals + Gyms with Childcare in Chicago’s Southwest Suburbs

Exercises To Do With Your Kids

I promise this is not as crazy as it sounds. Keep your expectations low. You are not likely going to hit your target heart rate for long, but you will demonstrate to your children that exercise is important, fun, and is a healthy part of any lifestyle. (Not to mention, most kids will probably get bored and wander off, leaving you with the chance to exercise alone for a bit.) All of the below exercises are easy to do with your child. If you are not quite sure what they are, google it for a full video demonstration. Begin these exercises with a short aerobic warm-up. Jumping jacks, running in place, or pretend jump roping will do the trick. Then do each of these exercises or some of these exercises in a circuit. Start slow, and build your reps everyday!

  • Lunges
  • Side leg raises
  • Burpees
  • Mountain climbers
  • Butterfly kicks
  • V-ups
  • Crunches
  • Push-ups
  • Squats
  • Planks

Staying Active with Your Kids

You don’t always need to be in a gym or doing specific exercises to be working on your fitness. While doing an activity put in some extra effort to get your heart pumping, and you will be burning serious calories in no time. This is a win-win for both parent and child!

  • Swimming is a wonderful way to get exercise, especially for anyone with joint injuries. Local pools have family swim times that allow both child and parent to get some exercise. If you want a less structured swimming activity, you can also take your kids to an indoor water park.
  • Jumping is an intense aerobic activity the entire family will enjoy. Be prepared to be huffing and puffing by the end. Some bounce house facilities are geared towards children, but a few are perfect and even fun for adults too!
  • Indoor and outdoor ice skating is a full body workout. Prepare to be sore! The kids can push a cone, while the adults circle the rink.
  • While not a consistent form of exercise, there are plenty of skiing options that are a reasonable drive from Chicago.
  • Forest preserves are littered all over the suburbs and many of them have really great trails to hike. Hiking is good for all ages and builds plenty of endurance.

Helpful Exercise Tips

  • Keep a journal! Studies show that people who write down their daily activity achieve more, lose more weight, and stay motivated longer than those who don’t.
  • If  you don’t like the idea of journaling, try to find a workout buddy to keep you accountable. Being held accountable is the best way to keep your momentum going forward.
  • Find a bigger reason to get healthy than the way your clothes fit. Do you want to take your kids sledding without huffing and puffing up the hill? Do you want to be able to run with your dog and outlast the dog? There is more to exercising than a number on the scale.
  • Workout in the morning if possible. People who workout in the morning are more likely to stick with it, because as the day goes on we tend to make more excuses to not exercise.
  • Find something you really enjoy. There are certain exercises that I know I love to do, so I don’t mind doing them and I do them often. Once your find yours, you will find it easier to get motivated.
  • Follow fitness account on social media and use them for daily motivation.
  • Reduce stress to help curb overeating.
  • Drink water! Lots of it, probably more than you are drinking now.
  • There are 100 other things you can do, but most importantly, reward yourself! Small victories are victories and deserve celebration! A new workout top, a warm bath, anything that makes your feel special.

Classes That Enable You To Exercise With Your Kids

Calling all moms with stroller age kiddos – Join us at Stroller Strides! Stroller Strides® is a functional, total-body conditioning workout designed for moms with kids in tow. Each 60-minute workout is comprised of strength training, cardio and core restoration, all while entertaining little ones with songs, activities and fun! Each Stroller Strides instructor is skilled to meet you where you are mentally and physically. You’ll leave class feeling connected, successful and energized! No more mama guilt! This class is all about self care in a supportive and encouraging environment.  To find a location near you, visit

Yoga! Many yoga studios in the suburbs offer classes in which both parent and child can participate. Yoga can foster confidence and accomplishment in children and promote strength, calmness, and relaxation in adults. It really is a win for the entire family.

At-home exercise classes shouldn’t be out of the question. They are perfect for those days when you are short on time. There are tons of apps you can download for free classes. The Streaks Workout app is one of our family favorites. It is simple to follow and perfect for all levels. You can also check OnDemand for short videos, or see Annie’s review of the Gixo workout app.

Gyms with Childcare

And sometimes, you just need to go to the gym and workout ALONE,  with no interruptions, and no distractions (unless your kid, of course, decides to poop in their diaper). All of the gyms listed below offer supervised childcare and you may be surprised to learn that many of them are very affordable.

LA Fitness
12080 South Cicero Avenue
Alsip, IL 60803
(708) 377-3589

506 Janes Avenue
Bolingbrook, IL 60440
(630) 739-7011

1745 Route 59
Plainfield, IL 60586
(815) 676-5519

4340 Lincoln Highway
Matteson, IL 60443
(708) 668-4719

2431 East Lincoln Highway
New Lenox, IL 60451
(815) 320-5085

8812 South Cicero Avenue
Oak Lawn, IL 60453
(708) 931-0022

18400 Convention Center Drive
Tinley Park, IL 60477
(708) 429-7050

Lifetime Fitness
16333 South LaGrange Road
Orland Park, IL 60467
(708) 364-0300

1220 Lakeview Drive
Romeoville, IL 60446
(630) 759-9995

11351 West 159th Street
Orland Park, IL 60467
(708) 403-6285

Palos Heights Fitness Center
6601 West 127th Street
Palos Heights, IL 60463
(708) 361-1807

XSport Fitness
222 Commons Drive
Chicago Ridge, IL 60415
(708) 423-4200

289 North Weber Road
Bolingbrook, IL 60440
(630) 679-1820

13343 South Cicero Avenue
Crestwood, IL 60445
(708) 824-0800

4701 Lincoln Mall Drive
Matteson, IL 60443
(708) 283-1200

Tinley Fitness
8125 West 171st Street
Tinley Park, IL 60477
(708) 342-4255

Riviera Country Club Sports Center
8801 West 143rd Street
Orland Park, IL 60462
(708) 349-1100

19815 South LaGrange Road
Mokena, IL 60448
(708) 478-5054

MPX Elite Fitness
15301 South Bell Road
Homer Glen, IL 60491
(708) 645-5000

Smith Family YMCA
1350 South Briggs Street
Joliet, IL 60433
(815) 726-3939

Reclaim Fitness
1325 East Lincoln Highway
New Lenox, IL 60451
(815) 463-8500

19816 South LaGrange Road
Mokena, IL 60448
(708) 479-4477

Any time you get out with your kids, you’re probably getting a mini-workout just to keep up! So check out all our activities with kids and stay fit all year round.

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Jill Kowalski
Jill is the mom of two energetic little girls, ages two and four, who keep her seriously busy. She and her husband grew up in Orland Park and are now raising their family there as well. When Jill and her family have free time, they love to check out local parks or drop-in at fests where their girls can take over a dance floor. She is always looking for cheap, yet entertaining and worthwhile things to do. When she is not wrangling her kids, Jill has a passion for starting, and sometimes finishing, do-it-yourself home improvement projects, trying out random recipes she finds on Pinterest, and organizing every nook and cranny of her life.

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