DuPage Children’s Museum Reopens Saturday, September 19


I’m excited to announce that the DuPage Children’s Museum in Naperville is reopening this Saturday, September 19, 2015! I had the opportunity to check it out this evening to see how the museum was rebuilt after the unfortunate flood about eight months ago. Out of this terrible disaster came great things! The museum incorporated many comments and suggestions when they re-imagined the spaces.

The first change you’ll see right away is the main lobby and entrance area. It is more spacious and cheerful. Also in the front of the museum is a place to buy unique toys and a new room that features children’s artwork and will be used for party rentals.

Neighborhoods including Creativity Connections, Make It Move, and Build It will include fun new features alongside familiar favorites.

dupage children museum build


The tool area, an old favorite, still exists as it was.

dupage childrens museum tools


A new exhibit called Shadow Sand will use technology so that children can play with “virtual sand” using their physical bodies to create shapes and movement, making art playful and thought provoking.

The Studio will be open more hours so that children can use their curiosity and creativity to create a masterpiece.

dupage childrens museum studio


The large, winding water works has been temporarily replaced with smaller water tables, however a new water exhibit is slated to open Spring 2016.

dupage childrens museum water tables


Here is the model that is displayed showing what is to come:

dupage childrens museum new water feature


In the water area is also a large bubble booth and other opportunities to play with bubbles.

dupage childrens museum bubbles


The Big Lawn, another beautiful new space, is a gross motor play area and pays homage to a bridge located in downtown Naperville. It offers parents a resting place and an expression area for children.

Math Playground is a new one-year temporary exhibit that will complement DCM’s existing Math Connections and Math Young Explorers neighborhood, providing more full-body experiences that relate to geometry, spatial relationships, numeracy, and patterns. Tie-ins include music (rhythm), games, and shapes.

dupage childrens museum upstairs


The Family Room, formerly the The Family Resource Center, will provide new learning resources and play experiences for children and adults in a colorful and comfortable re-imagined environment.

dupage children museum family room


I was marveling at the new huge Connect 4 game that is on the second floor and a man walked up to me and said he built it. He name is Dave and he’s been a volunteer at DCM for 13 years. So incredibly talented! My kids are going to love  that one.

dupage childrens museum connect 4


There is a spacious wooden block area with room for kids to create as well as new art stations with activities to connect with artists such as Kandinsky and Mondrian.

dupage childrens museum wood blocks

dupage childrens museum kandinsky


And there is a great toddler and baby area for little ones to explore.

dupage children museum toddler area

DuPage Children’s Museum
301 N Washington Street
Naperville, IL 60540
(630) 637-8000
Hours are Monday 9am-1pm, Tuesday and Wednesday 9am-4pm, Thursday and Friday 9am-8pm, Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday noon-5pm
Admission is $12 for children and adults, $10 for seniors

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  • Thank you for sharing! I remember going here before it moved to the Naperville location, and my younger brothers and I were part of a focus group when they were making decisions on what to include. The end result was fascinating and I can’t wait to see this new iteration!


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