Christmas Luminaries

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Another awesome mom shared a craft she did with her little ones. She turned a great tradition into a fun activity! Thanks Sarah!!

Christmas Luminaries

Fold down the top 1/3 of white bakery bags (like brown lunch sacks but white, I got mine at Michaels).  The folding can be hard and create lots of ripped bags, so if you’re impatient like me, just cut off the top third of the bags.  Decorate the bags with stamps or markers and/or use hole punches to create places for the light to escape.  Then fill each bag about 1-2 inches with sand.  Line your driveway or sidewalk with the luminary bags.  Insert votive candles into the sand – we used the longer burning votives so we wouldn’t have to worry about then burning out.  Light the candles and enjoy!  (remember not to leave them burning too long and check periodically to make sure no bags catch fire!).

Interested in the meaning and history of Christmas Luminaries? Here are some good links:

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