Indoor Activities

Whether it’s too hot, too cold, rainy, or just you just feel like spending some time indoors, you will find all of the ideas you need to plan a fun day! Scroll through all of these indoor activities and see what peaks your interest, then click on the category heading and you will be taken to a full list of local options. We have all the details about locations! Many have photographs and more information to help you decide where to go and what your kids will be interested in depending on their age and interests.

All of these lists were made by local moms for local parents, grandparents, and caregivers. Do you have an idea for a topic that hasn’t been covered or a spot that you’ve been enjoying? Comment below and let us know!

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Photo of the Downers Grove Main Street train station

Kid-Friendly Stops on the BNSF Metra Line
All kids seem to love trains, so why not take a ride along the BNSF Metra line and stop at one of  the many kid-friendly destinations?

Free or Inexpensive Places to See Animals
Do you have an animal lover in your house? Then this list is for you! We've gathered all of the free or inexpensive places to see animals in our area.

Feed Giraffes and Meet Penguins at Brookfield Zoo
Special opportunities to feed giraffes and meet penguins at Brookfield Zoo. Get the schedule and prices here.

Grand Opening of AWEsome Water at DuPage Children’s Museum
Photos and a sneak peek of AWEsome Water, now open at DuPage Children's Museum! Your kids are going to love all the opportunities for water play!

Movie Review: Cars 3
Is Cars 3 appropriate for your kids? Read our movie review with topics such as language, scariness factor, and a synopsis so you know what to expect.

New Exhibits at Local Attractions
A round up of each new temporary exhibit at several museums, the zoo, and arboretum to check out over the summer! Preview each with helpful descriptions.

Preview of Dinos and Dragons at Brookfield Zoo
Dinos and Dragons opens May 6 and will be at Brookfield Zoo until September 17, 2017. Get the inside scoop on all of the live animal and animatronic fun!

Garfield Park Conservatory
Garfield Park Conservatory is enjoyable for all ages and feels like you are on a sunny, tropical vacation no matter what time of year it is!

Pajama Party at Jo’s Footwork Studio
Your kids can eat pizza, make ice cream treats, and enjoy a movie in their pajamas with pillows and blankets at this Pajama Party!

Make a Wish at the BMO Bicentennial Fountain in Chicago
BMO will be fulfilling a number of the wishes, both big and small, across a number of categories through the BMO bicentennial fountain.

Kid-Friendly Bowling Alleys
Bowling alleys in Chicago's near western suburbs with kid-friendly features, such as bumper rail and ramp information. Find a lane near you!

Dinos & Dragons Coming to Brookfield Zoo on May 6