Classes for Kids

What is your child interested in? On this page you can find lists of various classes for kids to encourage learning, fun, and exploring different disciplines. When you click on each type of class, you will find that it is organized by town.

Click here to be taken to our One-Stop Spot to Find Kids Classes and Teams. It’s the most comprehensive and helpful guide to all of the activities you can sign your kids up for in the west and southwest suburbs. You’ll find everything from sports to fine arts, intellectual pursuits to classes for little kids.

We highly recommend contacting a few locations that interest you and asking if you can observe or if they offer free trial classes that your child can try before registering. Get a feel for the location, style of instruction, structure of the class and teacher personalities.

If you are looking for other resources, visit our Resources for Families page, buy half-price tickets to great local attractions and shows on our Half-Price Ticket page, and peruse our Indoor Activities and Outdoor Activities pages.

Horseback Riding Classes for Kids
Local stables offer a beautiful afternoon horseback riding! Children of all ages enjoy fresh air while fostering their love for animals.

Kids Day Out Programs in Chicago’s West and Southwest Suburbs
Kids Day Out (also known as Parents' Day Out or Mother's Day Out) programs can be the best way to introduce your little one to the classroom.

Language Schools Where Kids Learn Spanish, Mandarin, French, & More
Kids learn new languages, gain cultural apprecition, and boost their brain power at these schools in the west suburbs!

Martial Arts Classes for Kids
Martial arts and karate classes for kids are a great way to boost discipline, self-esteem, and fitness. Find a class near here!

Where to Find Parent/Child and “Mommy and Me” Classes
Parent/child and "mommy and me" classes are the perfect way to get out and get active with your little one!

Music Classes For Kids
Find music classes for kids, including group, private, voice and various instruments and build their confidence, rhythm and brain power!

Safety Villages and Safety Towns
Your child can learn pedestrian, passenger and at-home safety while navigating one of these safety villages. Locations, dates, ages and costs included!

Sewing Classes for Kids
From Naperville to Western Springs and beyond, there are sewing classes for kids all over Chicago's western suburbs! Check our list to find one near you.

Indoor Soccer Classes and Teams for Kids
Kids interested in playing soccer? Indoor soccer classes, teams, and drills for kids in the western and south suburbs of Chicago.

STEAM and STEM Classes
STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. Find classes where kids can tinker and explore!

Indoor Swim Lessons in the West and Southwest Suburbs
Indoor swim lessons can keep your kids' swimming skills honed all year. Check out this list of indoor swim lessons in the Chicago suburbs!

Kids’ Tennis Lessons and Classes
Tennis is a great sport for kids to learn teamwork and sports skills alike. We've got a complete round-up of Chicagoland kids' tennis lessons and programs.