Activities at Home


Paint with Water

Alternative to Tub Town
How to make your own Tub Town so your kids can play while taking a bath. Easy instructions to transform a Playmobil set into a fun tub toy.

The Wonder Closet
Have your kids close their eyes and hold out their hands for a magical surprise from the wonder closet! Find out how to create this memorable tradition.

Christmas Luminaries
Easy instructions for how to make your own luminaries with your kids along with photos. Find out how to start this magical tradition for the holiday season!

Homemade Gingerbread House
Learn how to make a homemade gingerbread house with these easy instructions with photos. We've also included how to include your kids in the project!

Hide and Seek
Many times young children think they are hiding, but they are in plain sight. Try this different spin on hide and seek with your kids!

Sing, Dance and Be Silly
Not everything that is a teachable moment has to be serious with kids! When you can be silly with them, they can also learn about life and happiness.

Fluffy White Ghosts

How to Make a Rainbow Cake: Directions and How Kids Can Help
Looking to make a rainbow cake? Get the full instructions with photographs from a mom who even has tips for how little kids can help!