Bath Tub Town with Sheets of Foam

foam bath tub town

In the last month my kids and I stumbled on the fact that wet craft foam sticks to the bathroom tile. It doesn’t seem like that great of a discovery, but it’s opened a world of fun for bath time. Actually, yesterday my kids wanted to take a bath in the middle of the afternoon to play with the craft foam and make an entire town across the length of our tub!

I always think something needs to be complicated or involved to be fun for some reason, but kids seem to love the simple things. Why can’t I remember that more often?! Anyway, this is a really great project that kids can do entirely by themselves.

Buy some craft foam sheets in rainbow colors. You can find it at a craft store near you, or click on the image below to buy on Amazon.

Then give your kids scissors and tell them to cut out different shapes from the foam. The shapes can be different sizes and the more colors the better, whatever they are in the mood for! Throw the shapes in the water filled tub and let them go to town. :) Just make sure they gather up the shapes before pulling the plug.

foam tub town

Let the creativity flow, these shapes can be anything, pretend machines that make thing-a-ma-bobs, a zoo with animals… it’s fun to see what your little ones come up with!

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  1. what a great idea! can’t wait to try!

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