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We are excited to announce the opening of Academic Tutoring and Coaching in Wheaton! They offer remote, in-person, and in-home tutoring sessions for all core subjects (math, science, reading, social studies) and elective courses (foreign languages, AP classes, etc.), and are equipped to help students from kindergarten through 12th grade. Academic Tutoring and Coaching also specializes in tutoring students with special needs, including IEPs and 504s.

The tutoring model at Academic Tutoring and Coaching is based on the Study Cycle. Their tutors help to fill in current gaps and prevent future ones for each child. They accomplish this by devoting a portion of every tutoring session to their current class content (Review and Study phase), but also providing time to preview upcoming content (Preview phase). 

They don’t stop there. Addressing misunderstandings with classroom content is only one piece of the puzzle. Many students also need help with the organizational side of learning. Their sessions also use academic coaching to ensure each child develops a more organized approach to their learning and schoolwork. For example, an academic coach could help with how to take notes, create a color coding system to organize their locker, or develop a pacing schedule for an independent project.

Combining academic coaching with preview style tutoring creates a foundation of success for every child. Each session includes: a preview of upcoming content, a mini coaching lesson, and subject specific tutoring to address learning gaps with current classwork.​

Here’s what a sample session looks like: about 15 minutes of academic coaching, 30 minutes for subject-specific tutoring, and 15 minutes to preview upcoming content.

In addition to tutoring sessions, Academic Coaching and Tutoring also offers Homework Help Memberships. They offer monthly memberships to help with all your homework needs. Tutors are on call to answer homework questions and parents can receive either a worked out solution with explanation to a specific problem or opt to have a live mini session to work through the problem.

About Kimberly Coniglio, Owner

Kimberly Coniglio was a classroom teacher for 15 years, then provided curriculum instruction and design for 10 years. She has developed and written for all of the major textbook companies that are currently being used in kindergarten through 9th grade classrooms. With a combined 25 years of experience in the educational industry, Kimberly created Academic Tutoring and Coaching and designed a program that incorporates best practices with the science of how students learn. She is excited to meet your kids and help them succeed!

Academic Tutoring and Coaching
2100 Manchester Road, Suite 932
Wheaton, IL 60187
(630) 341-2923
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This article is sponsored by Academic Tutoring and Coaching.

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