3 Sunny Day Activities for Infants

After feeling stuck indoors with a baby all winter, I’m determined to make the most of these lovely days!

My son isn’t old enough to play at the park or chase bubbles, but we’ve found a few favorite outdoor activities. In the same boat? Check out these ideas for warm-weather fun with your little one.


sunny day activities for infants

Try a DIY Tiny Water Table

Even if it’s not hot enough for the baby pool, you can still splash around in the backyard. Raid the kitchen for a baking pan to fill with water, grab a few bath toys, and head out to play. A pan is the perfect height for sitters to reach in and splash without tipping the whole thing over. My son can spend a solid half-hour splashing around and having a blast.

Pro tip: bring a pitcher to refill the pan when the water level gets low from all that splashing. Of course, you’ll both get wet, so dress accordingly.


Set Up a “Picnic” in the Grass

No food required! Spread out a blanket in a shady spot and spend time cuddling, reading books, or playing with toys. Before my son started crawling, he’d play and enjoy the backyard scenery while I read a book of my own, so we both got to relax. Now that he’s mobile, he crawls to the edge of the blanket and feels the grass. Me? I’m on “Make Sure Baby Doesn’t Eat the Grass” duty.

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Visit a Farmers Market

If the ol’ neighborhood stroller circuit is getting old, head to a farmers market for a change of pace. When Kidlist’s list of farmers markets and French markets came out, I was floored to see that there are markets open on weekdays, too!

A few markets are open already, and many more kick off on June 1. I’ve got a personal goal of hitting a new one every week for fresh veggies—and fresh donuts. Babies seem to love the bustle of the market and all of the friendly faces to meet, so I don’t think my son will mind at all.

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Rachel is a writer and mom of two boys who lives in Woodridge. She recently moved from Downers Grove and grew up in Naperville, but she and her husband have been discovering new things to do now that they’ve got a toddler and baby in tow. Rachel loves cooking, playing board games, and regularly raiding the Woodridge library. She also volunteers with teens at Four Corners Community Church, which makes her feel like an old geezer.

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