3 Parenting Tips for the Transition to Summer

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As school is ending we are all transitioning to the freedom of summer. With that comes a different structure (or lack of structure) to our days! I’ve been thinking a lot about both the excitement and apprehension of that change and this post couldn’t have come at a better time. Kidlist welcomes Susan Stutzman, Child Therapist and Founder of Kid Matters Counseling, as a guest contributor. I know I found her parenting tips to be helpful and think you will too!

Summer Break is just beginning and I know that you want to have an awesome summer with your kids!

The transition from school schedule to summer schedule can be a difficult one.

I’m Susan Stutzman, a child therapist and the owner/founder of Kid Matters Counseling in Hinsdale, IL. I want to share with you 3 ESSENTIAL PARENTING TIPS to help you with the transition, connect with your kids, and have an awesome summer!


Click here to see all of my tips and video examples or keep reading below!

Parenting Tip #1: “Pocket Reframes”

Challenging Negative Behavior & Thinking

WHEN TO USE THIS TIP: Frustrating Events

Scene: You promise your child a hot dog at Costco but when you are in the checkout line you notice the food court is under renovation.

Child’s response: “It’s not fair! I can’t believe this is happening to me! This is the worst day ever.”

Pocket Reframe: “Ugh, I feel frustrated when what we planned doesn’t work out the way we planned it, I wonder if we could make a new plan together.”

Click here to see a video to put this into practice!

Parenting Tip #2: “30 Second Bursts of Attention”

Connecting With Your Child On Their Level

WHAT IS IT? When a child is acting out, stop what you are doing or who you are talking to, get on the child’s level, give your child undivided, focused attention for 30 seconds “seeing” them and what they are trying to communicate.

Then say “I have to finish this email or finish talking to Aunt Lucy now” and stand up and finish what you are doing!

WHEN TO USE THIS TIP: Anytime you or your child is overwhelmed, stress out, or unsettled.

Click here to see a video so you can put “30 Second Bursts of Attention” into practice!

Parenting Tip #3: “Mindfulness Moments”

Treat Your Child to a Mindfulness Break

WHAT IS IT? Mindfulness moments are a fun way to lower stress and promote bodily awareness for kids and parents!


Unscheduled Check-Ins: Delighting in your child & noticing the good.

Scheduled Check-Ins: After school & Before Bed. Look away from the phone & get down on their level, emotionally and physically.

Click here to see a video to learn how to put “Mindfulness Moments” into practice!

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